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Here are a few of the interesting links that have been passed around by the women in our department the last few days.

Gender Bias Bingo: I haven’t gotten to look at everything on this site yet, but it seems to explain the patterns of gender bias very clearly!

New AAUW report, Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics: A monster 3MB PDF, which I plan to take a deeper look at (when I’m not pretending to prepare for seminar) and post about later.

But I did also just want to include one quote about it, as from this article in Education Week:

That study, from the Washington-based American Association of University Women, offers a set of recommendations for educators, parents, and others, including a call to “spread the word about girls’ and women’s achievements in math and science” to combat negative stereotypes; teach girls that intellectual skills are “acquired,” and not simply the product of “innate talent”; and explain to girls that buying into negative stereotypes can diminish academic achievement. It also says that in high school, girls should be encouraged to take classes in calculus, physics, chemistry, computer science, and engineering when available. [Emphasis mine.]

So perhaps my high school guidance counselor should not have suggested I take fashion instead of physics.  Wow, I wish that story were an April Fool’s joke.

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