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Sociological Images on Gender and Science/Tech


Yesterday, Sociological Images posted a collection of items on gender and science/technology.  Some images near the bottom are not safe for work!

Check it out for:

  • A “brain makeover” by the Philadelphia 76ers cheerleaders (don’t expect to get any smarter).
  • GQ “Rock Stars of Science,” in which Sheryl Crow is the only female.
  • What images of male or female scientists pop up first in an internet search?  (I was curious myself about what would pop up on Google Images for “male scientist” vs. “female scientist,” and actually the first result pages are not that different due to a lot of stock photos, though there are a couple offensive things on the female page if you look closely or click links.)
  • The much circulated “I Am  A Geek” video.  Does being on Facebook make you a geek?  And prepare to swoon over Wil Wheaton… assuming you also spent your childhood in love with Wesley Crusher.
  • Gender depiction of geek vs. wannabe
  • “Be a programming pr0n star”
  • A demonstration of the capabilities of Flash with a passive, limp, nearly naked woman that you can toss around like a rag doll.  Empowering.
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